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Works in Progress

Horses listed here are currently in the Placement Program but not yet available or have extenuating circumstances for permanent placement.

Senga Nitro

Nitro entered our program in Sept.2021 after performing in his last race . A career that earned him over $300 thousand dollars when he finished as a 7 y.o. (B.D. 2014). 

Nitro was immediately sent to one of our member's homes where he was treated as royally as is her own herd.  He was given a few months of initial transition into a small herd with 24 hr. turnout and steady access to hay . His hard feed was also adjusted to introduce one that would me more suitable for a less active lifestyle yet encourage a steady weight gain over time.

As we were entering winter it was important that he have the proper preparation to handle the elements .

Nitro was ready to begin his retraining program in Dec. and was moved to a new facility a few hours away where the placement horses are generally kept during training and subsequent placement.

It was during this period a few months into his training , however, that he injured a tendon (DDFT) in his pastern area  of a hind leg. This is a lengthy healing  and rehab period in which he must be confined to a small paddock.  At this point he has undergone 2 shockwave treatments and will be re-evaluated shortly as to his healing progress and further treatment plan.


In the meantime , he has been a wonderful patient and receives daily hands-on time with the added bonus of some clicker training to keep him entertained while acquiring new skills.  He thoroughly enjoys these sessions and is a very quick study!  Nitro is an extremely pleasurable fellow to be around and work with and we are optimistic that he will recover and will be able to continue his formal training after a rehab period.

Senga Nitro

Initial transition period post racing

Senga Nitro

Moving into the next transition - starting to fill out

Senga Nitro

A few months into training - shaping up

In the first few months of training we are establishing & recruiting new muscles through new movement patterns, and static and dynamic core training exercises ,all the while building trust and confidence.


Watch the video to learn more .


Point Zero

Jan.2020- riding with light contact, still some reactivity and inconsistencies 

B.D. 2005, unraced 15.3 h.h. gelding.  

Zero was actually renamed "Hero", because that was a more appropriate name for this fellow who has been without his own person for too long.  

Hero has had a few issues to deal with since coming into the placement program some years ago, however, he has overcome them for the most part, and has now been in more consistent work . He was diagnosed last year as "possibly" having head shaking syndrome since there was no physical abnormalities which suggested any thing else based on his symptoms.  

So far through spring and summer (2016), he has displayed minimal symptoms of the condition and we have been able to further his ground skills and start some work under saddle.

He will continue to be worked on a regular schedule and is available for viewing to suitable prospects.

This handsome fellow deserves a very knowledgeable and caring partner who will continue monitoring him as his training progresses and be prepared to deal with the highs and lows that may arise!

Hero has beautiful gaits and is a very personable guy with lots of endearing qualities .  He is a quick study and enjoys the interaction that training provides as well as just hanging out with company.  

If liberty training is your thing, he may have the qualities to succeed with this type of work. We will be able to determine his aptitude for ridden work with more time under saddle.

UPDATE- June, 2017

Hero is progressing well under saddle and seems to be enjoying the work .  He stands very well at the mounting block and is accepting leg and seat aids with a solid whoa in place


Mar., 2018

Hero has had some set backs with his head shaking over the winter, however, he is back to work with the help of a "nose net".  The nose net has been very helpful with horses suffering with this condition and so far so good!  We have been advancing his long lining skills and will be back under saddle shortly.  This boy is a true worker , he always tries his best when unhindered by his condition and is full of personality!.  

May 2019

With time and patience  Hero has made amazing strides !  Although his head shaking will likely never disappear completely, he is at a point where he is able to work even if symptomatic.  This is most notable under saddle , however, lately it seems to be limited to head tossing and leg rubbing.  He appears to be able to focus on the task at hand without increasing anxiety and is gaining more confidence as he progresses in training.

We have been able to discontinue using a nose net , however, he continues to be on a supplement ( Curost formula) that we feel has enabled the lessening of symptoms and should continue as needed.

October 2020

I  could pretty much repeat what i wrote in the last update ! Additionally, we have been able to work outside on occasion without an increase in symptoms ( sunlight can trigger symptoms) and he continues to improve under saddle.  

Hero is quite responsive to seat and leg aids which has helped to ride him with minimal contact .  He is much more comfortable riding with a loose rein. Leg yields, sidepassing,rein back , turn on the haunches, anything asked , this boy is willing and seemingly able to accomplish. He has beautiful gaits and is progressing in consistency .  He used to stop unexpectedly and abruptly, but is overcoming that tendency now.

This has been a learning journey for myself as well, having never worked with a horse with this condition.  I continue to keep up with his bodywork to reassess where he's at and keep him comfortable, however, his requirements have not been above a normal level of care.

I  am  grateful  that he has been able to live a pretty normal life given this condition .  He is happy , social, and very personable - with the occasional ADHD moments!

To find out more about Hero , please contact Kathy at 403-519-6698.

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