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Jasmine Marie & Stonebridge Talent​

This is my OTT Standardbred mare, Stonebridge Talent. I purchased her from Dare 2 Dream rescue in May of 2016. At the time, I was looking for another horse to put beginners on, and I was dead set on finding a Standardbred gelding. After searching all over online, the cheapest Standardbred I could find was her so I decided I could at least check her out! When I got there, I was told she's not for beginners. She needs a confident hand and when I rode her, she was very high energy, awkward ,uneven and full of spunk. Regardless, I ripped the saddle off and climbed on bareback only to experience the same attitude. But I had an overwhelming urge to have her. The only thing she had that I was looking for was the breed.

10 months later, she's finally opened up to me, and has become the sweetest mare I know.  

She still has her spunk and she likes to kick out occasionally on rides, or throw her head when she's feeling good, but she's calm and collected when I put others on her. She follows so well on trails, and has gained so much control in her movements. Her being 17hh, has even developed a habit of dropping and tilting her head so I can bridle her. She stands patiently if other horses are acting up or spooking, and she's rapidly improving on her stopping, neck reining, and leg pressure. She's picking up her pacing gait as well, after having it nearly completely trained out of her.She comes in for cuddles now, and loves smiling and hugging. I cannot believe the transformation I've seen in this mare, and I am so glad that I went with my gut feeling and bought her. Not only is she excelling at having beginners on her, but she's learning the basics of barrel racing as well as leisure jumping this spring, and I can't be more excited to see where we go together!I was very hesitant as to whether she was a good one or not at the beginning, and I was even told I should "sell her and get a better horse", but I am so beyond proud of how far she's come, and I am so glad were able to represent such an amazing breed.Her Standardbred character is shining through!!Follow our journey on Instagram: @canadianequine_ 

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