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The Placement Program has been an integral part of our Association since 1992. Fundraising and donations are the sole means of providing the special care that our horses receive .  

Donations are greatly appreciated and will ensure the continued success of the program , please consider this option if you would like to help in some way.  


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Please complete and submit the following form to begin the application process


Horses listed in the referral section are from private owners and as such are not in our Placement Program or necessarily been viewed by our program.

Prospective purchasers may be prescreened at the current owner's request prior to direct communication.

If you would like to list a horse on our site please contact Kathy at or call 403-519-6698.

There is a one time $25 listing fee for non P.S. members or those not directly involved in the Standardbred racing industry.

Horses listed will be actively promoted by our program and referred to suitable prospects .


Horses are generally purchased from owners or trainers in the harness race industry who want to provide their horses ​with an opportunity at a second career. Many horses would be at risk of ending up in less than ideal circumstances should there not be alternatives to rehome these athletes.  

Many of the horses are young , the average age being 2-6 years old.  Oftentimes they are either not deemed suitable for racing or are not competitive enough to remain in the sport. 

They are evaluated for soundness and given adequate time to adjust to their new environment prior to being available for placement.

Keeping the horses active while they await a suitable placement is an important part of the program.  They are started with ground work exercises to prepare them both mentally and physically for work under saddle and further their driving abilities.  Each horse is on an individual program of retraining and all methods employ positive reinforcement techniques . 

Maintaining the health of the horses is an imperative part of the program.  A routine schedule of deworming, vaccinations, hoof care, and dental work is adhered to in addition to regular body work for their general well being and optimal training condition. Any unforeseen injuries or conditions are evaluated as necessary by a licensed veterinarian and treated under their supervision with all relevant history available to the new owner.

The horses are cared for as any of our own personal horses, with the respect and kindness that they deserve.

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