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Our Team. The Past and the Present...

Chairpersons – Kayla Baxter & Chelsea Chase

Secretary - Kayla Baxter

Treasurer – Kathy Sunberg

Promotions Director – Jane Bruce

Media – Adrienne Wanhill

Placement Co-ordinator - Kathy Sunberg

Membership Co-ordinator – Kathy Sunberg

Central Director - position available

North Director – position available

Chelsea Chase profile .JPG

Chelsea grew up in the Standardbred Industry working alongside her mother and stepfather for the trainers they worked for.  Having done everything with horses from cleaning equipment to exercising them on the track to grooming after racing, it was only a matter of time before she owned one herself.

Having the opportunity to own a race horse ( Psychic) was very exciting and led to the ownership of several horses after ( Cams Trouble Maker, Blue Star Success, Cinnamon Cracker, and Never Say Sorry).

While owning a race horse was fun and exiting, she still yearned for the chance to ride one of these magnificent animals. In 2008 Chelsea was gifted with her first "saddle" horse, "Happy Spirit".  Together they promoted the breed at various Performance Standardbreds events and gymkhanas as well as track appearances.

Any chance Chelsea has, she promotes Standardbreds. Whether it be from the racing perspective or in second careers.  She will always have a love of horses, but Standardbreds will always be first place for her.


Kayla grew up in a harness racing family, her father, mother, aunt, uncle, and grandparents were all involved. As Kayla states, "these beautiful horses are in my blood".  

Kayla's path was not to be in the family business, however, joining Performance Standardbreds has allowed her to continue her involvement with the breed and the sport.

Although Kayla doesn't currently have a Standardbred , she sees one in her future , and as she attests to, " their personalities can't be beat"!

Photo credit  Dana Zarowny

As a founding member of Performance Standardbreds, Kathy's passion for the breed and their capabilities has never waivered. Her association with the breed spans over 40 years as she learned to ride on a number of remarkable Standardbreds.                                                              


As the Placement Coordinator, Kathy's focus has always been to ensure the placement horses have the upmost care and necessary skills required to be placed appropriately and in optimal condition. Her knowledge and experience allows her to assess and manage the horses entering the program with individual protocols for retraining and bodywork maintenance.

Kathy has actively promoted the breed at various venues and has competed in open classes to achieve more attention to the breeds versatility. Her background includes equitation, dressage, jumping , and combined driving as well as extensive training as a certified equine bodyworker .

  Her achievements have been recognized by Equine Canada , having been honoured as the 2015 recipient of the Boehringer Ingelheim Health and Welfare Award for her dedication to the breed over the past 25+ years. Kathy has 5 Standardbreds of her own who graciously allow her to spend time with her "foster" horses.


From a very young age Jane’s passion has always been “horses”.  It didn’t matter if that horse was yellow, black, buckskin, white or even purple.  To be around horses was a place of sanctuary for Jane and she was soon introduced into the barter system of mucking stalls for riding time.  Always a huge “no discipline” type of gal, Jane knows no discipline (just ask her mother) and is very content to ride western where ever and whenever she can, she’s always game to try something new so long as it pleases and suits her horses.  Passionately devoted to her beloved Standardbreds, Lucie & Annie (and always in her heart Harley & Dutch) she spends the time she has left in the day creating horse crafts out of retired horse shoes from our Standardbreds which are then sold with all the proceeds coming back to Performance Standardbreds.

Please visit our page to see just what she’s managed to create.


Adrienne discovered horses over 30 years ago and her passion has existed ever since.  She discovered Standardbreds about 3 years ago when she started riding with a friend who had three off-the-track horses that had be retrained for competitive trail riding. They'd spend full days each weekend in the mountains and Adrienne fell in love with the brains, the heart and the spirit of the breed.  She's just purchased her first horse - and first Standardbred - and is amazed daily by her mare's intelligence, willingness to learn, and the connection they already share.

...and our Founding Members

Liz - Founding Member

Liz has been involved in the Standardbred industry for most of her adult life, as a trainer and owner, as well as a competitor with her retired horses.   Liz had a mobile tack shop on both the Edmonton and Calgary tracks when Performance Standardbreds was getting started.  She was eager to form a group with other owners of retired Standardbreds  to have fun and spread the word about the breed.

Although Liz has been living in the United States for several years now, she has still maintained a connection with her friends and family in Canada as she enjoys the warmth of the Florida sun ! She still actively helps to place Standardbreds while she operates a tack shop at Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Village in Delray Beach. 

Liz's desire to unite Standardbred owners in promoting the breeds versatility and enjoyment remains as passionate as ever!

Angie - Founding Member

Angie has been involved in one capacity or another in the Standardbred industry for several years.  Working at the track and having her own retired Standardbred , she , along with Liz were promoting the breeds abilities off the track and placing those in need prior to the formation of the group.  

Angie keeps a lower profile these days , but her desire to promote and place Standardbreds is still  important 

to her.

Bev - Founding Member

Bev was a driving force as she acted as a liaison on many occasions during the formation of Performance Standardbreds.  She initiated introductions that were instrumental in bringing others together which culminated in it's affiliation with the Alberta Standardbred Horse Association as she was a board member for several years and a respected owner and breeder.. Along with her husband George , also on the board of ASHA and Horse Racing Alberta, the group garnered support of many in the industry .

Bev has been an ardent supporter and active honorary member from the groups inception and we are fortunate to have had her in our corner!


Bev sadly passed away this past summer , she will be forever missed and remembered fondly .

                                               Apr.2, 1938 - Aug.23, 2019  

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