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Heart & Soul

We can custom make any horse shoe to fit into the special occasion in your life, a new baby, a wedding, a shoes bring good luck to every and any special place in your world and in your home. Call Jane (403-809-8462) to request  your special order item and obtain pricing. 

Important update!! 

Jane has been SOOOO busy with all the craft fairs during this time of year she hasn't has a moment to post here where she's going to be.  She does have a website now and will hopefully have a moment to let us know of her next craft show. Or, if you have sometime in mind, let Jane know and she will create a masterpiece for you.   Her website is here...

                                                    Heart & Soul

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The Flock Xmas Geese
Princess (Snow White)
Adore 2 (L) and Lil LadyBug(R)
more samples...
Red Bow Horseshoe Xmas Wreath
Seashells on a Horse Shoe
Heart and Beads
Horse Shoe Skis
Horse Shoe Love
Adore (L), Friends (R)
Little House on the Horse Shoe
Princess (L), Best Friends (R)
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