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Horses listed are not in the Performance Standardbreds Placement Program , they are privately owned . Performance Standardbreds have not necessarily viewed the horses or have further knowledge as to their history. 

Some sellers may have requested pre-screening by our placement coordinator prior to direct communication with prospective buyers and will be forwarded contact info. once suitability has been established.

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Horses listed below are currently awaiting placement through our connections:

"Flying Venus"- aka "Venus - PLACED !

B.D. 2005, Bay mare with star , ~15 h.h.

This beautiful lady is reluctantly for sale due to health issues of her owner.  Venus was placed originally from the P.S. Placement Program and was always a pleasure to work with. Smart, willing, and well mannered.

She has been in her current home for several years and has been mainly used for pleasure riding ( english & western). She has had some additional training in a few Scott Phillips ( Amazing Horse Country) clinics and has represented the Standardbred at the Calgary Stampede in the breed booth on a few occasions.

Venus has been driven since her track days, however, she did have an unfortunate incident that would likely require some confidence building with an experienced handler before being put to a cart again.

This girl has a lot to offer and would benefit from her own person to bond with as she is quite personable and loving with a trusting nature.

Located in Turner Valley, AB

Asking $1000, negotiable to suitable home

Contact Maggie @ 403-933-4543

"My First Promise"- aka "Missy"

B.D. 2009, Bay mare with star and white on both hinds and one fore leg, ~ 15.2 h.h.

This stunning mare spent 7 years harness racing and most recently as a broodmare.

She is seeking a new role with an experienced handler who can guide her in new directions.

Missy is a very personable and good natured lady who could no doubt transition well to either riding and/or a pleasure driving career, given some time to get her "mommy" bod back in shape.  She will be re-homed with a non-breeding condition.

She is in good health, sound, and located in Castor, AB.

Asking $1500.00

Contact info. below next ad

"Jellos Fellow" aka "Jello"

B.D. 2009, Bay gelding with star and connecting strip, both hind ankles white, ~16.1 h.h.

This striking boy has recently retired sound from harness racing , however, he was no longer showing the competitive attitude necessary to continue.

His current owners have invested much time and patience that allowed him to race, and are committed to ensure he has the same going forward.  He is a wonderful companion and could possibly transition to a new job with the right handler.  He needs a handler who can instill a trusting relationship with patience and a soft touch. Jello had some negative experiences in his former life so it is paramount that he be given time and understanding in new situations. He will reward you with an honest and giving nature given the chance.

Jello is in good health, sound, and located in Castor, AB.

Negotiable to suitable home.

Both horses will be re-homed with the condition that they will not be resold but returned to the current owner if need be .                                                                 For further inquiries contact Kathy at 403-519-6698 or

Knights Armour - a.k.a. "Smarty Pants"

B.D. 2004, 16 + H.H. Bay with white on both hinds and large white star and snip.

This handsome fellow has been re-homed previously since he retired sound from racing .  He is currently looking for a long-term home.

He is not being used and is not happy in his current herd situation which has brought the owner to the decision to part with him. He has wonderful ground manners and adores attention!

Mr. Smarty Pants  is well broke to drive , however, he has not had the opportunity to do so since being off the track, so would do best with an experienced driver.  He has had minimal schooling under saddle and is not a beginner friendly horse at this stage , again an experienced rider is required.

Located near Grande Prairie, AB

Asking $1000, negotiable to suitable home

Contact Julie @ 780-832-9373

Charm N Wits- The Proverbial "Lady in Waiting"

**New price and contact number**

B.D. 2003, ~ 15.2 H.H. , Mare                                               Charm is a very personable mare and has many more years to share with a person to call her own.  She is very well broke to drive,  green under saddle , but is very willing and a cooperative student.  This girl would do best paired with an experienced handler that can continue her training with the knowledge and skills. She will turn heads either under saddle or driven.

Located in Bieseker, AB. 

Asking $1200.00, negotiable to suitable home

Call Jeanne @ 403-305-7486