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Referral Sales

Horses listed are not in the Performance Standardbreds Placement Program , they are privately owned . Performance Standardbreds have not necessarily viewed the horses or have further knowledge as to their history. 

Some sellers may have requested pre-screening by our placement coordinator prior to direct communication with prospective buyers and will be forwarded contact info. once suitability has been established.

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Horses listed below are currently awaiting placement through our connections:

Four former broodmares and one solitary bachelor seeking career change!

Breeder is downsizing and offering these  4 beauties.  Previously raced prior to their broodmare roles, they are well mannered and in good health . Reasonable offers will be considered , located east of Edmonton AB.  Additionaly , there is also a very handsome gelding available !                                                                                                                                 Please contact 

Karin @ 780-238-6242 for further info.

S Johnson - Freshette.png

Freshette  4ER11 - B.D. 2007      $2000

S. Johnson - MemayselfandI.png

Me Myself And I 5FP11 - B.D. 2008


S. Johnson - Newport Beauty.png

Newport Beauty 8A571- B.D. 2003


S.Johnson-Reservations Only.png

Reservations Only  5FP09 - B.D. 2008      $2500

S. johnson -AcesNDeuces.jpeg

Acesndeuces 4GR08 -B.D. 2009, son of Newport Beauty ( above).  Aces has had a few years off since he retired from racing.  Sound, healthy and well mannered , this fellow could likely go in a variety of directions.  Approx. 15.3 h.h.  Asking $3500

Two wonderful mares looking for a new home..

Due to the circumstances of the current owners (declining health issues), these two beautiful ladies, " Sadie & Bella", are looking for new homes.  They do not have to be rehomed together, although it would be ideal if possible.  They are not herd bound, but they have lived together for several years so it would be nice if they could go together- possibly as a potential driving pair?

Located in Onoway, AB, they are awaiting visitors!

Price for the pair $3000 which is negotiable to a very suitable home.

Individual prices listed separately in each ad, negotiable to suitable home(s).

Further info. please contact Kathy at

Fort Woop Up (9FR41) - aka Sadie B.D. 2008 - PLACED !

Sadie is a lovely 15.3 h.h. mare who raced lightly in her earlier years and was then transitioned into a pleasure riding horse.  Although not ridden in a number of years, she has a very personable nature with good manners.  Sadie is easy to catch, lead, and trailer.  Her calm demeanour with people along with small children and  dogs shows her adaptable nature and good prospects for restarting under saddle or for driving.

Sadie has several years to share with someone who is willing and experienced to further her training, she will no doubt be worth the time.  She is a quick learner, very willing, loves attention, is sound and healthy, with a very sweet personality.

Sadie is available to an approved home for $1800


W.G. Force (0GL40) - aka Bella B.D. 2009 - Still Available 

Bella is a beautiful 15.2 h.h. mare who trained in harness but never raced.  She was never started under saddle , more so due to lack of time or necessity .  Bella is  a sound, healthy, and very personable lady who loves attention and a good butt rub, not to mention her affinity for swimming!!

Intelligent , willing with a bit of spunk, she is well mannered and leads and trailers with no issues.

Bella would be a nice prospect for an experienced handler to start her under saddle or refresh her driving skills.

Bella is available to an approved home for $1500


Knights Armour - a.k.a. "Smarty Pants"

B.D. 2004, 16 + H.H. Bay with white on both hinds and large white star and snip.

This handsome fellow has been re-homed previously since he retired sound from racing .  He is currently looking for a long-term home.

He is not being used and is not happy in his current herd situation which has brought the owner to the decision to part with him. He has wonderful ground manners and adores attention!

Mr. Smarty Pants  is well broke to drive , however, he has not had the opportunity to do so since being off the track, so would do best with an experienced driver.  He has had minimal schooling under saddle and is not a beginner friendly horse at this stage , again an experienced rider is required.

Located near Grande Prairie, AB

Asking $1000, negotiable to suitable home

Contact Julie @ 780-832-9373

Knights Armour
Knights Armour
Knights Armour
Knights Armour
Knights Armour
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