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**Featured Stories**

Soverato / "Saul"and Steve Remus

Saul getting the hang of his new wheels !

Saul entered the Placement Program in Aug. 2022 after a short career in harness racing . And as fate would have it , he was just the type of horse Steve was looking for to replace his retired Morgan mare as the wheeler in a tandem driving pair.  Having been former fosters for our program we were assured that Saul was landing in the right home.  The leader of the pair was their "foster failure' named Actuary, a horse that soon stole Steve's wife, Peggy's heart.

Saul began his transition to a new style of driving in the first few months in his new home , mostly consisting of ground work .  Saul had some filling out to do and was put on a nutritional program to meet his new needs.  

Soon , he and Actuary would travel with Peggy and Steve to their winter residence in Arizona where the new team would begin to take shape...


Palomine and Kim Scott

I first met "Pal" back in 2009 while I was working as a groom for Jamie Gray. Pal was one of the yearlings purchased from the ASHA sale that year and stayed under my care while he was training down. When it became apparent that Pal was not going to make it to the races (spring of 2011), I decided to take him on as my next riding horse. We started out showing Open shows, mostly on the North Country Circuit. Classes included Halter, Showmanship, English and Western Equitation and Pleasure, Trail, even tried some reining and gymkhana events...

Stonebridge Talent and Jasmine Marie

This is my OTT Standardbred mare, Stonebridge Talent. I purchased her from Dare 2 Dream rescue in May of 2016. At the time, I was looking for another horse to put beginners on, & I was dead set on finding a standardbred gelding. After searching all over online, the cheapest standardbred I could find was her so I decided I could at least check her out!

Story of a Standardbred saddle horse …(by Chris Morrison)

Tuffy was recently named theTrail Riders Alberta Conference (TRAC) 2016 Provincial High Point Horse and Grand Champion!


Tuffy was abandoned at a vet clinic after being left for “hock fusion” surgery.  The owner never paid the bill, so he ended up in the hands of our friend Susan.  We looked at him shortly after, when he was not saddle broke, 5 or six years old, and didn’t buy him. By the following summer he’d had more training and we took another look.  On the test ride he shied when Rosalee’s shirt flapped and she came off, but the good impression had already been made.  Tuffy turned out to be a sensitive, somewhat reactive horse with a basic wish to please and cooperate.


My name is Forward Motion, but I am more commonly known as Joey. I am a 19 year old Standardbred gelding. Born in Okotoks, AB I was raised to be a pacer, and that is exactly what I did for eight years. I am here today to tell you the story of how I met my closest friend, and how I found my forever home. It all started roughly nine years ago. I was involved in a track accident that hurt my back and ended my racing career. For eight years all I ever did was race, it was the only thing I knew, and I loved it, but now it was over.


I was a horse crazy lady with no pony to call my own up until about 2003. I rode whenever opportunity presented itself which might be two to three times a year. It was at this time when my eldest daughter was invited with her cub pack to a leaders’ farm to allow the cub pack some horse experience, primarily ride on one of their horses. The McLean’s also bred a few Standardbred mares to produce potential harness racers. They also owned Standardbreds for riding horses and here is exactly where my passion for the breed initiates.

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