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Soverato /"Saul"& Steve Remus

Driving Solo

first drive in tandem , wheeler position

Saul entered the Placement Program in Aug. 2022 after a short career in harness racing . And as fate would have it , he was just the type of horse Steve was looking for to replace his retired Morgan mare as the wheeler in a tandem driving pair.  Having been former fosters for our program we were assured that Saul was landing in the right home.  The leader of the pair was their "foster failure' named Actuary, a horse that soon stole Steve's wife, Peggy's heart.

Saul began his transition to a new style of driving in the first few months in his new home , mostly consisting of ground work and driving single. Saul had some filling out to do and was put on a nutritional program to meet his new needs.  

Soon , he and Actuary would travel with Peggy and Steve to their winter residence in Arizona where the new team would begin to take shape.

After spending some time going solo with a new vehicle and one that is much heavier along with an extra set of wheels , Saul handled it with ease.  New wheels, new style harness, and sunny warm days , no problem!  Next step was introducing him to the idea of pair driving and being in the rear , again no issues! 

Steve wrote in his updates ...

"Saul is very smart, learns quick so you have to be careful.  He is a character, pulls everything into his stall, pulls masks, fly boots off Actuary or himself.  He turns his feed bucket inside out and loves to play in his waterer.

He has a great mind , not afraid of anything or spooky. His ground manners are impeccable, leads, stands tied, and is great with his feet. 

He also loads and travels like a pro. "

Just an fyi, the trip was about a 3 -4 day journey.  

Not only is Saul transitioning to a new driving role, he has taken to under saddle with ease as well.

He is fast becoming a favourite fellow at the facility where they reside and is now being referred to as "Super Saul".

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