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Volunteer Opportunities 

Are you interested in working directly with our placement horses; i.e. fostering or re-training, learning new skills, project planning, fundraising, or perhaps you have unique skills that would benefit our organization?  We are always looking for individuals who share our passion to showcase the Standardbred and also help to place more deserving horses into new homes with a new career. 

Volunteering for a worthy cause is a rewarding experience and is very appreciated .  The opportunity to meet new people with similar interests often leads to enduring friendships that are equally rewarding.  

Please fill out our volunteer form and one of our members will contact you to discuss how you can begin a new fulfilling journey!

Fostering a Placement Horse

Fostering requirements may differ depending on a particular horse's needs and turnout experience.  For horses coming directly from track life, special considerations may include ; weaning off high calorie feed , blanketing, stabling overnight, individual turnout prior to entering herd, and adequate turnout space to allow for self exercise.  

The safety and proper nutritional needs are paramount along with daily inspection .

Standardbreds are very personable horses who thrive on attention.  They enjoy being handled , groomed , and generally fussed over!  Many have been previously turned out with other horses at various times throughout their training/racing schedules , however, there are those that have been only used to individual turnout situations and may need a longer introductory period of integrating with others.  

Horses in the program are regularly scheduled for farrier, vaccinations, deworming, and dental care , all of which are covered by the association.  Foster agreements outline all necessary requirements and include individual considerations for the prospective foster applicant.  

Our program is seeking foster applicants who are competent and experienced in horse ownership , routine ;procedures and handling , as well as demonstrate compassion and responsibility towards animals in their care.

Become an automatic Member!

​Volunteering in a specific role such as fostering or retraining entitles you to a gratis full P.S. membership which is reviewed on a yearly basis.  Your commitment to our association is a valued service which we feel deserves a token of our appreciation.  Working directly with the horses does require additional insurance by our carrier Capri Insurance  and can be obtained by membership in the Alberta Equestrian Federation (  Proof of Insurance must be presented prior to volunteering in this capacity.

Need more information or are you ready to get the process started?
 Or PLEASE CONTACT- Kathy @ 403-519-6698 or
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