Celebrating 30 years of setting a new standard...

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Celebrating 30 years with an exciting line up of clinics!

"Core & Stretching  Exercises for your Equine"

-February 23

"So you want to learn to Drive"- Sept.5,6,7

"Competitive Trail" -what you need to know- Booking for 2021

"Cowboy Challenge"- What does it take?  -

Booking for 2021

Dates TBA if not posted , check back  

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Performance Standardbreds was established in 1990 by a few Standardbred enthusiasts who realized the animal’s enormous potential use for riding or driving. As an organization our focus is and always has been to support and promote the Standardbred horse and those that are lucky enough to own them.   The Standardbred is one of the most versatile breeds by far.  Did you know that by age three, there are many already starting their second careers?  Throughout their early years, the foundation was established and now it’s onwards and upwards for these athletic, sturdy, sensible, beautiful  horses who's hearts are (virtually)bigger than their bodies.  Standardbreds  participate in  jumping, dressage, endurance and competitive trail,  just to name a few – there really is no limit to what you or they can accomplish together. Performance Standardbreds promotes the breed in a new and positive light. Recognizing the potential and the need to give these horses,  that are no longer able to race,  new careers

About Us...

Driving Clinic Review

 Our Learn to Drive Clinic with clinician Dwight Beard was held on the Sept.5-7 weekend .   The clinic comprised a group session the first day covering topics like , how to choose a driving horse, harness and cart/carriage suitability, and how to assess a suitable horse.

 Private 1 hr. lessons followed and were tailored to the horse/handler /driver experience.  Most participants were brand new to driving and spent time learning to ground drive, harness, and in some cases hobble their horses.

 Our Placement Ambassador-"Cinnamon Cracker," initiated his new role at the clinic and he never put a hoof wrong! He had not been driven in a few years but as most , he was quite comfortable being hooked up again.  He was instrumental in giving participants their first feel of the lines and the smiles could not have been bigger!

Upcoming Event!

Check out the Western Dressage World Show Online @ WDAAWORLDSHOW.ORG

One of our own members , Kim Scott and her Standardbred gelding "Palomine" will be competing in this event . Contestants send in their video submissions which will be judged 10/22/2020-11/05/2020.

Performance Standardbreds is sponsoring the Breed Hi Point Award for the Standardbred

We wish all those competing with their Standardbred(s) all the best and congratulations for showcasing your talents !

Check out Kim & Palomine's story in our  Story submissions ( above)

Featured Placement Horse
Cinnamon Cracker, AKA Cracker

We are excited to announce that Cracker has been chosen to represent the Placement Program as an Ambassador!

A new page will be coming to keep you updated on his progress and appearances .

We thank everyone who expressed interest in Cracker and are here to assist you in finding your own super Standardbred!

Our annual fundraiser is currently running on Facebook.

We have had several donations this year and over 200 items!

Everything from tack, household items, books, clothing, decorative items, lots to choose from !

Final day for bidding is        Dec. 3/20

    Watch this page for    a future Auction & Sale
Featured Referral
      Sale horse
"My First Promise"

This stunning beauty is looking for new adventures post racing and more recently motherhood. 

Check her out , she's definitely worth a look!

Others available too!


        Gymkhana Series

Open to all P.S. members

 Have some fun with your Standardbred and collect points towards our High Point Award for this friendly competition.

For further info. and registration form please contact Chelsea - cjchase@live.com     OR


Want to know how to get your own stylish hoodie?

Check out our Horsie Items Sales Page for some unique gifts

Story Submissions

Do you have a special Standardbred in your life or in the past? We would love to share your story with our readers . Please send us a message here.....



Become a PS member and get our preferred rate at upcoming clinics! The group has three or four clinics a year , including or in addition to those below.

Saddle fitting or Stretching and Core Exercises - If you would like to host a clinic at your facility or attend one hosted by us all proceeds will benefit horses in the placement program. Check out the posters below and we can plan your clinic!

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